Solar Water Heater


Hotels, hospitals, industrial canteens, and boiler pre-heating applications all often employ solar water heating systems. Solar water heating systems can be built to deliver hot water up to 80°C. There will be no restrictions on the system's capacity

Commercial solar water heaters are heaters with capacities of 500 litres or more. According to client needs, Arrowups commercial solar water heater models come in multiples of 500 litres up to 3000 litres or even more. These are perfect for installation in hotels, hospitals, hostels, and other establishments that demand a lot of hot water.


Solar water heater installation must take into account a number of variables. It is important to have a skilled solar thermal systems contractor install your system due to the following aspects, which also include the availability of solar energy, the climate condition, building minimum standards, and safety concerns

Your system will continue to operate efficiently after installation if it is properly maintained. Systems that are passive require less upkeep.

Examine the host's guide and talk with your system administrator about the maintenance needs for active systems. The maintenance requirements for traditional systems are the same for plumbing and other traditional heating water elements. In arid locations where rainfall doesn't act as a natural rinse, glazing might have to be cleaned.

Simple systems just require routine maintenance every three to five years, best performed by a solar professional. After ten years, electrical devices often need one or two replacement parts.


  • Utilizing sustainable solar energy to meet your hot water needs results in energy savings.
  • Up to 80% of depreciation can be accelerated.
  • Models range in size from 500 litres to 3000 litres and can be expanded up to satisfy customer needs
  • Recirculating hot water guarantees that hot water is immediately accessible when the faucet is turned by using an automatic circulation pump (optional).



The epoxy-coated inner tank has superior corrosion resistance.

Powder-coated outer body:

Long-lasting corrosion-resistant pre-coated exterior siding (up to 1500 LPD).

Collecting flat plates:

Flat plate collector with 100% copper fins that are black-coated for optimal solar radiation collection and efficient heat transfer

Powder-coated MS stand:

Strong and rust-resistant MS stand with powder coating

Electricity backup:

For chilly, wet days, a backup electric heating element (optional).


Technology-advanced insulation is nitrile rubber, which increases energy efficiency and prevents heat loss (2000 LPD and above).


Not usually necessary. Small adjustments could be needed. A combination must be used to connect the hot water supply to the cold water source. The solar water heater system is higher up than the cold water tank
Arrowups Solar Water Heater's heated water tank is covered with high-quality fluff. According to the hot or cold season, only a five to the seven-degree centigrade reduction in temperature over the course of a 12-hour period is often accepted. Water that isn't disturbed stays rather warm.
There isn't a government subsidy at the moment. An indirect subsidy is provided by fuel savings.
Yes. You can apply the estimate to obtain financing from any bank or credit society.