Servo stabilizers


An electrical and electronic device known as a servo stabilizer provides a constant output voltage regardless of the input source (Depending on the Input Range). It safeguards electric and electronic gadgets against low and high-voltage supplies.

To protect all sorts of electrical equipment from critical voltage fluctuations, Arrow Power Control servo stabilizers are created using cutting-edge technology and strict quality controls. Your priceless equipment always surprises you with a failure bill when it's time to pay.

Each piece of electrical, electronic, and electromechanical machinery was created with a certain working voltage in mind. In the entire nation, there is frequently significant volatility in the supply of AC. Depending on whether the load is ON or OFF, the fluctuation range varies from one location to another. (In India developed 3 phase equipment 380V/400V/415V with 50HZ, single phase equipment 220V/230V/240V.)

For equipment and appliances to operate more efficiently, safely, and for a longer period of time, a constant voltage is crucial. For this reason, Arrow Power Controls equipment can endure variations of plus or minus 20%, 10%, 5%, or 2% of the specified voltage. It is entirely dependent on equipment manufacturing. Contact us to know more about our solutions and products.