Solar Street lights


There has been a discernible transition in the use of sustainable power, particularly solar energy, among urban and rural individuals as a result of the many advantages of eco-friendly and cost-effective solar control systems. Solar street lighting systems are among numerous solar control systems that are becoming an attractive alternative to traditional light systems.

Solar street light systems provide hassle-free outdoor lighting that is simple to install, easy to use, and minimal maintenance. What else? They end up saving you on your electricity costs

For street illumination in rural regions, along the side of the road, and on highways, our Arrowups solar lighting systems will be perfect.

Arrowups provide a full selection of extremely effective integrated and non-integrated solar street light solutions. Our elevated outdoor light systems illuminate your outdoor spaces with easy access to sunlight

A full set of lighting fixtures, a solar array (PV module), a storage box, battery packs, a lamp with a voltage regulator, and street lights or poles are included in a solar-powered street light system for simpler setup.


  • It is simple to set up and intuitive.
  • Low Maintenance and longer service life Expense.
  • Function of adaptive network
  • Time management technique
  • Electricity is not necessary
  • Green and clean energy


  • Plazas and Parks
  • Rural and isolated regions
  • Highways and Roads
  • Paths and Gardens
  • Grassy Areas & Play areas
  • Parking Areas & Entryways


Solar street lights are tailored for any area or placement, obtaining maximum sunlight. They are excellent choices for locations without a direct power supply. Solar lights can be used in remote locations, on roads and highways, in lawns, parks, play areas, patios, and even on fishing trawlers
Solar street light system was equipped with a detector to assess the ambient light. When there is enough light throughout the day to match a predetermined point, the solar light immediately switches off and starts charging. The solar street light automatically switches on if the ambient light level drops below the point.
The solar panels continues to charge the battery from illuminance in the surroundings even on gloomy or rainy days. The energy from the solar lighting system is conserved and can be utilised for at minimum three days without sunlight owing to the way it is built.
Compared to grid-connected poles, solar lights have different pole requirements. A pole with an Effective Protected Area (EPA) of 4 to 20 square feet is needed for solar street lights.