Power Kavacha is comfortable in your house since each item is made exclusively for a domestic setting. A factory area is not the same as your house.

A house needs to be secure, but it also needs to be aesthetically pleasing, cozy, and have an appealing interior design. Although installing heavy industrial switches and socket outlets in your home could make it safer, they are not the best option because they are not made for residential interiors and cannot work with standard household plugs.

Without sacrificing the aesthetics of your house, our Arrowups Power Kavacha provides home security. Products made by Kavacha are built to last and are also practical Utilizing Kavacha is quite simple.

Our Power Kavacha is simple to use yet offers some protection with an industrial level of strength. For residential users, industrial switches and socket outlets require bulkier, specifically made plugs, which is a tremendous inconvenience. With Arrowups Power Kavacha, you can get industrial-grade weather-resistant protection without having to alter your plugs.

There are several possible risks related to electricity in and around the house. Fortunately, you may have both complete protection and a welcoming home atmosphere with Arrowups Power control Kavacha. Contact us to know more about our solutions and products.