Solar Fencing


The necessity for improved home security applications for our family members has been driven by the rising crime rate in both urban and rural locations. Not just our boundaries, but also our land and assets need to be secured from trespassers and unwanted access. Systems for solar electric fences offer a quick, affordable, low-maintenance answer to a range of household, agricultural, and commercial security protocols.

One of the well-known companies that provides clients with solar fence system solutions is Arrowups. Due to the sophisticated monitoring and warning systems we have installed on our client's fences, our esteemed clientele have recognised us as one of the top names in offering high-quality Solar fencing system solutions.

As a reputable and licenced solar fence systems provider, Arrowups provide a range of home and business applications


  • Except for barbed-wire fences, which could trap wildlife, concentrated solar fence systems can be placed next to existing fence posts.
  • In order to capture the most sunlight, make absolutely sure the solar panel is facing north to south
  • The solar electric fence installation must adhere to all applicable national and international regulations. Use the correct fence equipment and supplies for installation and upkeep
  • For superior efficiency, earthing is necessary. Install a sufficient amount of earth kits. Stay away from mains grounding, no earth kits
  • A built-in charger and backup battery are required
  • At two or three sites along the fence, the voltage should be periodically checked to make sure it is between 5 and 10 kV.
  • Ensure that the battery is standing upright. Make that the battery has been properly initialised and charged before installation.
  • The government of India's ETDC should evaluate solar energizers. Make careful to position the Energizer Control unit in a safe location that is shielded from rain, strong storms, and lightning
  • Being careful not to attach Energizer to the AC mains, the generator, or the solar panel immediately
  • Regularly monitor the development of plants


  • Cost-effective solutions.
  • Automated tracking
  • Psychological deterrence
  • Connectivity with sirens.
  • Alerts and illumination
  • Remote control and surveillance


  • Water for cattle and crops
  • Agriculture
  • Solar parks
  • Industry
  • Residential walls.
  • Monkey fences
  • Airport grounds.
  • Oil & gas.


In addition to deterring and defining unauthorized access, solar fencing also checks for problems. The solar electric fence tends to raise the alert system if there is an open loop, any type of wrongdoing, or fiddling with the fencing wires as it is incorporated with other gadgets like alarm systems
Solar-powered fencing systems are 100% safe and effective as a deterrent. It is a vibration method that is sturdy but non-lethal, discharging short elevated distress without harming objects (animals or humans) that come in contact with the fence cord.
The energizer, the system's brain, is what powers the solar fencing instead of the direct mains supply. The 12V battery attached to the energizer is charged by the AC main, and the charger also powers the energizer. Every second, the energizer discharges a high voltage, a safe, brief-duration impulse that passes through the fence wire.
It is extremely possible to install solar fencing beside the current fence. By employing offset brackets, the solar fencing wires can be fastened to an existing fence. Any existing wall could potentially be used as a base for the solar electric fence.